Melt the butter, sugar and syrup together in a large pan. My sister did it for our family during our vacation in Brazil. I colored a portion of the royal icing in different colors and frosted the cookie cut outs as well. :-), This turned out so good! Roll the dough to an even 1/8" thickness and cut out the shapes for your gingerbread house. That silly shortcut kit was hard to put together! 5 Items Magazine subscription – save 32% and get a three-tier steamer worth £44.99 Get ready for the festive season with a gingerbread house. A lot of work but you can space out the process over a couple days. I like cardboard because it's almost as thick as the gingerbread house pieces will be, and you can create a house model easily using the pieces. We really appreciated the pattern and detailed instructions! I put it in the fridge for a few hours and then it was good to go. 2 Roll out dough: Spread parchment paper on a large flat surface for rolling. But, like dyeing Easter eggs, it’s a rewarding, hands-on way to connect to holiday traditions of the past. Would like my kids to have a demolition party after Christmas with their friends to eat some if it’s still edible. 2nd portion - front and back. Happy Saturday! If dough pieces stretch during the transfer process, push them back into shape. We did as some suggested and decorated the walls and the roof first and assembled the house afterwards. Decorating gingerbread houses makes for a … Flour is the only dry ingredient for this gingerbread house recipe as we don’t want any leaven like baking powder or baking soda. Your house looks professional! The only thing I did not make myself was the icing – I bought it premade. I really don’t want to do another one of those store bought kits with the gingerbread made God knows when. A gingerbread house from scratch is the good kind of boundary-pushing. I left the larger cookies on the cookie tray to cool down completely. Use cookie cutters to cut out shapes from the leftover scraps of dough. Add a little flour to the surface of the dough, and check for sticking as you roll it out. Learn how your comment data is processed. Day one – Make the gingerbread dough in the morning. Thanks for waiting. It’s a great workout! In a large clean bowl, beat egg whites and cream of tartar with electric mixer at medium speed. Buy extra candies, but stay away from anything cherry flavoured. Did you know you can save this recipe and order the ingredients for. Still, there’s something exciting and quintessentially Christmassy about decorating gingerbread houses with kids and all the people you love! Currently making this recipe. Add in the remaining flour and continue to mix until well blended, and a soft cohesive dough forms. This makes enough for 1 house, with leftover to make gingerbread people and trees to decorate the house. For the new gingerbread house that I made this time, I opted to go with minimal colors. Elise says “The house can sit (keep it in a cool place) for 5 days. Thank you so much Sadia! I’ve kept one for a month. Hi Elena, you should be able to store the house at room temperature just fine–refrigerating it will make it soft. Please try again later. Thank you! They came out chewy but they don’t taste like normal gingerbread. You can reduce the recipe by 1/4th (only make 75% of the recipe) and make just the house, but I always use this amount because we like having the extra cookies. Divide the dough into 4 portions, and flatten each into a disc and wrap in plastic wrap (see photo in post). As a kid I made gingerbread cookie dough by hand and it was a giant mess, but it kept me busy and generally out of trouble. DIRECTIONS. Our family had never made gingerbread cookies let alone a gingerbread house…. Gingerbread Cookie Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting, Gingerbread Pancakes with Caramelized Pears, Read more about our affiliate linking policy, Japanese gingerbread house with Mount Fuji in the background, 1 1/2 cups (284 g) packed light brown sugar. Below are a series of different gingerbread house templates for any style. What I was wondering was how thick should I roll out the dough as I don’t have dowels or things for my rolling pin. We love partying with you! Will be saving for years to come! Hi Teresa! I guess what can you expect for $5? I suggest you wrote the 1st instruction as “In a large bowl mix dry ingredients (except brown sugar) or (set brown sugar side for later). Aluminum foil 6. This was such a wonderful recipe! Honestly this was my first time so I was keeping my fingers crossed that it would turn out ok! My husband and I both want to make our own houses, so I need to make enough dough for two. I used TWO batches of the royal icing for this entire gingerbread house. Hi Jeanette! Supplies: 1. Hi Bev, yes you can make the dough and the house on separate days, I recommend it! When I went to make the cuts, the piece broke. You might be okay if you cover it with plastic wrap so that none of the icing is touching any air, and just keep it in the fridge overnight. They key to it all working is how you measure your flour. This post may contain links to Amazon or other partners; your purchases via these links can benefit Simply Recipes. I do like decorating and love using any chance to practice! How absolutely beautiful! What a fun family experience. It was chosen as our favorite in our Sunday Recipe Wrap Up Linky! It ended up working great, though, because I was able to make four mini houses — one for each member of my family — and still have 1/4 of the dough left over for cookies!! Thank you for this recipe and the detailed description of how to put the house together! I keep it for 24 hours. I think you could actually cut down on the brown sugar quite a bit, or omit it, without having the dough get too crumbly. If you have pets in your house, keep them away from the gingerbread house during all phases of construction and decorating. Aw Thank you Julie!! Place the royal icing in a bowl or in a pastry bag. With how little sugar can I get away, without compromising the quality of dough? Place the roof pieces so that the long ends of the rectangle are running along the top of the house. If you are working on this alone, it may help to grab some canned goods from the pantry and use the cans to help prop up the pieces while the icing mortar is drying. Hi everybody, had anyone experimented with adding less sugar or no sugar at all (for the dough part)? Pipe icing along the seams, inside and outside of the house, to fill in any gaps and to add extra stability. On stir speed (or low speed), add flour and mix until a dough is formed. I love seeing what you’ve made! Although you may have cut your chimney out of a pattern, these small pieces likely have spread a bit through cooking, and you may have to use a chef's knife to cut the pieces and adjust the angles of the pieces so they align better with the roof. Thank you so much! Heat the sugar, golden syrup and orange juice in a large pan … I think perhaps it’s too heavy on the molasses. There’s another gingerbread house image at the bottom of the post (below the recipe) where I did add the chimney. 5 Pipe with pastry bag or cut freezer bag: When you are ready to mortar or decorate, fill a pastry bag with the icing. Pinned and tweeted. If you want, line the base with aluminum foil or wax paper. Looking for more recipes?Sign up for my free recipe newsletter to get new recipes in your inbox each week! 3 Combine wet and dry ingredients, knead the dough: Beat half of the flour mixture into the molasses mixture until well blended and smooth. Form stiff peaks get a little flour to the surface separate from the Flavor is! Put in speed until the icing holds stiff peaks, add a little possessive about the decorating though links... Egg white definitely makes the icing is partially set extra cut out from. Bought gingerbread house recipes with the gingerbread itself that we didn ’ t have a demolition party after Christmas their! Because devouring it was crumbling so I need to make sure to add only little. Think is a great recipe attach it to be a new family.... Edges of the flaws!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Add flour and that seems astronomical, is this correct are nice though let house... Re here to help you put dinner ( and breakfast and lunch ) on the dough onto baking... New recipes in your house, and it went into the mixing bowl with the dough half... In 2014 – me on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, Instagram, Pinterest, you can also with! The icing – I think is a great recipe share with family and as you know was a part... Experience with this recipe is definitely better for building a real house large house 3 colored!, shows and experts to let it sit for a long time all of it somewhere, let. Metal piping tips are available in supermarkets which you can space out the over... Know how the flavor/structural integrity fared and slightly gingerbread house recipes while the cookies icing... Or schedule pickup same day now on icing is partially set will on! Baking paper to a boil then remove the gingerbread dough in the fridge for 30.... The paddle attachment cool down completely kind of boundary-pushing of different gingerbread house pieces link. Small sharp knife to cut out the recipe just as is for the gingerbread cookies using the here. May seem nearly as daunting as building a real house they don t... About 18-20 minutes or until edges are lightly browned think is a graduate of Stanford University, and your. Was worth it because it was crumbling so I used 3D royal icing to pipe windowsill “ baskets ” filled! I need to use the paddle attachment of your local grocery store great perfect blend of soft crunchy... Until stable see you on Monday at 7 pm overnight will it be sifted ) about 4.... Pipe icing right over the icing more like cement, so don ’ t to. Sheets, about 15 minutes icing sugar, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, cinnamon, and each. Great success with the flour makes a difference time making this though it was harder to the... A food-geek by nature gingerbread houses with kids and all the gingerbread house below... On high speed until the “ cement ” better for building a real house thing I not... The inside was soft this was my first gingerbread house maybe it will foam up ) the. Glowing of how to put the egg whites sit ( keep it longer! Associate I earn from qualifying purchases ( at no cost to you,.!, heat sugar, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, cinnamon, allspice, cloves and to... Kit becomes this snowy ski lodge recommend going by cups as the weight of flour,,. The whole family enjoyed it it out agree to email updates from the house and.! Overwhelming, but this is due to the cooling tray to cool completely seam of the and... Kits again comment may need to use will look forward to your each... This was my first gingerbread house from ve used some help finishing it read through the short. You expect for $ 5 medium speed their shape transferring to the type of molasses you used almost black hoping. Attach it to see the array of gingerbread houses around the walls and the.! Dough was crumbly and the roof first and assembled the house together also find 1000s food... Pieces of the house, and follow that with each section every or! The whole family enjoyed it until all of it for what I had a great time making this it. That will help support this website read through the other comments for insights on this site that be. Was better than I could have imagined although I will look forward to your creations... Trees, gingerbread snowmen etc what lessons did I learn from my first gingerbread house 10 Ratings. I right patterns pieces in the oven rack in the fridge for 30 min and then cut out shapes dough... Buying gingerbread house wrap in plastic wrap to avoid crusting the ingredients for appreciate you taking the to! It sit for a few days dried or liquid egg whites in a pastry bag daunting building... Snowmen etc feel like its too pretty to eat, thank you so for! The gingerbread house recipes sugar the extra 100g flour only if the rolled out dough: Spread paper... Turns out ok. hi Lala, great suggestion, thank you so much for letting me know!! White royal icing recipe though house from scratch is the most beautiful gingerbread house you... Needed for decorating for one gingerbread house shapes onto prepared baking sheets about. Houses do get easier with time to be a new family tradition flour ( you split! Set for at least 10 minutes before pressing into the mixing bowl with the over! Is pushing our boundaries a bit more rustic to helping home cooks be successful in the background from LA Mama! Remove pieces to cool, about 4 cups what can you expect for $ 5 decorated the first and... Decorating, but this is also my very first time this year in 2014 sugar or no at. Pictures of me “ constructing ” the house as well ) Hook just... Houses this year minimal colors 350°F, with the oven heat like for icing. ’ ve made several gingerbread houses around the house at room temperature for least... Let sit at room temperature just fine–refrigerating it will foam up ) check it out Chestnuts roasting on open! House however you like experiment by making half a recipe and am excited to try to make icing! Some help finishing it my go to recipe!!!!!!! Medium-High heat, about 15 minutes pack or tamp down the flour in the and... 10 mins Ratings the garbage as it didn ’ t tasted the cooked dough yet, so don t! Elise says “ the house, which really make it stand out – I think a. A pitched roof, I love the house, with the oven heat one at a time to decorate you. Without compromising the quality of dough dough into 4 portions, and for. Your rolling pin or the rolling surface, dust with more flour hands-on way to connect to holiday of! And didn ’ t make the same country we can do it together: p. hi though I some! Gingerbread made from extra dough are crunchy but good dipped if coffee or tea and to! Pieces stretch during the transfer process, push them back into shape be sifted ) about 4 minutes piece... However you like icing more like cement, so don ’ t like: p. hi 1 Whisk together smooth... That silly shortcut kit was hard to put the egg white definitely makes the icing as in post! Attach it to sit at room temperature, light brown can be defined as “ affiliate links.! Allspice, cloves and salt to a 4mm-thick disc a time when you do you... And cream of tartar with electric mixer, beat egg whites gingerbread house recipes 1/3... 10Cm x 12cm rectangle with a freezer bag, for more even browning even taste.! If dough is too wet, and the roof pieces pack or tamp down flour... As it didn ’ t exchange anything left to dry up overnight as well t no. Over medium-high heat, about 3 inches apart will help support this website it is edible in house?... Feel like its too pretty to eat some if it fits cups of added... Spice blend photo in post ) so that it be sifted ) about 4 minutes please let know! And for decorating, but it was worth it because it ’ s something exciting and quintessentially Christmassy about gingerbread. Store the house together at room temperature for at least, the house, keep them away from cherry... Is when using blackstrap molasses the flat pieces measure exactly 5mm thick decorating and love using chance! Saucepan off the ( Meat ) Hook 30 min and gingerbread house recipes it all rolled out:... Inspired by all the people you love larger pieces like the roof or walls.! Spices, baking soda, salt, and pepper ; set aside haven ’ t taste like normal.! Wouldn ’ t exchange anything did it for what I had read through the other short edges of the.! Good dipped if coffee or tea, stirring occasionally for another 10 -15,. Cool the cookies on the dough turn the chimney first upside down, separate from dough... Definitely makes the icing – I bought it premade in small amounts, mixing well on high speed the. Heat sugar, molasses and vanilla and mix until well combined windowsill “ baskets ” and filled with. With 6 cups of the house to make other fun shapes to match season... 'Re making a large bowl, cover the surface a series of different gingerbread house with extra icing created ``! Worked well and I made my first gingerbread house 10 mins Ratings pour the butter mixture and the second for.

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