Nemo Disco Insulated Down Sleeping Bag (15 & 30 Degree) - Men's & Women's 4.8 out of 5 stars 36. They are both spoon-shaped to give you more room at the elbows and knees and have the same size dimensions. I would say I am an average person when it comes to sleeping temperature. Well done Nemo, I am stomach and side sleeper and love all the. Do the NEMO sleeping bags have down fill on the back side also like a traditional sleeping bag? I’ve had plenty of rei products shipped from the U.S to Canada before, why wouldn’t this product be able to ship to Canada ? Expensive bag that lives up to it’s hype. Both of these bags are rated by NEMO at 15° F. I am comparing Riff 15 and Disco 15, both Normal. The Nemo website says all Spoon-shaped bags, like the Riff, are EN tested. I'm pretty sure I should go with the long bag, but the spoon design made me wonder if the regular length would work. The Nemo Disco 15 has ditched the traditional mummy bag design in search of a more comfortable (and less claustrophobic) sleeping experience. Great bag, needs a little more room in shoulders – Since I had the budget, I decided it was time to get a much lighter bag for back/bikepacking. I have slept great and woke up refreshed. Very good sleeping bag and an upgrade from the north face bag I've been using for 10 years. My previous bag was a Marmot 35-degree, which, while not bad, I had bought when I was 100 pounds. 95 Nemo Tempo Sleeping Bag (20, 30, 50 … And this sleeping bag is capable of keeping your body alive at that temperature because of the way it is fashioned. Packs down super compact. comfy – was looking for a warm and comfy sleeping bag, got one with Nemo! I'm 6'3", 235 lbs and wear a 48 long jacket, and the Long Left bag was way, way too tight for me. Ultralight Backpacking Gear Dump - What worked and what didn't! When planning to zip a Riff and a Jam together, is it better (or perhaps required) to match lengths? The NEMO Disco 15 in camp, pictured with the NEMO Dagger 2P tent. I finally had the chance to use the Riff 15 on CO. ​The loops on the end of the bag are for hanging for storage/drying. 95 Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag for Backpacking, Camping, Or Hiking, Queen Size XL! A premium and affordable sleeping bag when compared to other premium sleeping bag with similar build quality, down-fill and features. 3. Required fields are marked *. Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Down Sleeping Bag - Ultralight Backpacking Camping Sleeping Bag with Stuff Sack 4.7 out of 5 stars 278. Side sleepers, rejoice! The Jam is contoured specifically to accommodate the female form. What is the difference between the Nemo Salsa, Disco and Nocturne sleeping bags? Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. ​This bag does not have an attachment system for sleeping pads. 7 oz. What is the difference between the Riff and the Nocturne? The waterproof foot box is great for when you’re in a cramped up tent and your feet are touching the tent walls. The Riff 15 uses an 800-fill down for insulation while the Disco 15 has a 650-fill down for insulation. I love their products and can't wait until they come out with more. Hike and explore and when it's time to set up camp, this 15°F bag will be there to snuggle into for the night. The advantage of the 30-denier ripstop nylon is that it is slightly more durable compared to the 20-deneir ripstop nylon. No way could I get both arms inside the bag and zip it up, and not even one arm comfortably. Between the Riff and the Disco, I see one uses 30d nylon and the other uses 20d nylon rip stop. Shop for NEMO Sleeping Bags at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. When we started, the night time temps were in the 40s and 50s, but at the end of the trip, there was a cold snap with snow and the temps dropped down into the mid teens. Your email address will not be published. How do you tighten the hood and what is the slot slot for? I personally would get the bag rated for zero if I anticipated sleeping in temperatures below 20. $ 99.95 – $ 159.95 Shop Now for Tempo™ Women's Synthetic Sleeping Bag Stalker™ Down Sleeping Bag $ 519.95 – $ 549.95 Shop Now for Stalker™ Down Sleeping Bag Not sure there is ever a fix for that. Slept like a baby for the first time! There is no free end of the cord to pull it through the restraining clip to tighten the hood. Warm and Comfy – Bought this bag for my trekking down in Argentina as well as for some Antarctica time as well. 95 - $319.95 $ 319 . rating, I can't tell them apart (aside from color). Does this bag use goose down or duck down? Ability to vent or bundle up to regulate heat is very nice. What is the comfort limit and lower limit of this bag? The bag performed great. You recommended a 21 liter compression sack but it states the compressed volume is 6.4 liters. Thank you for bringing this information to our attention! As far as I can tell the Riff has a pocket for a phone and 800-fill down where the Disco has 650-fill down. Can you zip two Nemo bags together to sleep with someone? I don't want too tight or too roomy-regular or long? NEMO Men's Riff 15-Degree Insulated Down Sleeping Bag Graphite/Magma Reg, NEMO Men's Riff 15 Sleeping Bag Ember Red/Deep Water Regular - Left Zip, NEMO Men's Disco 15 Sleeping Bag Torch/Stormy Night Long - Left Zip, Graphite/Key Lime Nemo Men's Kayu 15-Degree Down Sleeping Bag - Long, Big Agnes Lost Dog 15 Sleeping Bag Orange/Navy Regular - Left Zip, Carbon/Blue Flame Nemo Men's Kayu 30-Degree Down Sleeping Bag - Long, Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15 Sleeping Bag, Regular - Blue, NEMO Men's Forte 20 Sleeping Bag Glow/Abyss Regular - Left Zip, Nemo Men's Riff Down Sleeping Bag (15 & 30 Degree). Thanks to a tapered mummy cut, this bag maximizes thermal efficiency while minimizing packed size, and the lofty 800-fill down is treated with Nikwax™ for enhanced moisture-resistance and quicker drying times. The Nemo Disco 15 Sleeping Bag is a spoon-shaped sleeping bag for snoozin' on your side. Ultralight Spoon. No, two of these bags will not zip together. Nemo Disco Insulated Down Sleeping Bag (15 & 30 Degree) - Men's & Women's 4.8 out of 5 stars 36 $259.95 $ 259 . The NEMO Disco 15 (updated for 2019/2020) is a spoon-shaped three-season down sleeping bag for camping and backpacking that has more elbow and knee room than a traditional mummy bag. The Riff 15 also features gills in the front that allow your arms to exit the bag without unzipping it. However, please keep in mind everyone sleeps differently so please use the temperature ratings as a general reference and not an absolute. A compression sack is recommend if you want the sleeping bag to be stuffed smaller than 17.5 x 9 inches. I am a side sleeper and mummy bags do not work for me. With an athletic cut designed for side sleepers, the 3-season, 800-fill-power NEMO Riff 15 sleeping bag helps you shave critical ounces and maximize packability for long hours on the trail. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Nocturne does not offer this feature. 15 degrees Fahrenheit is a pretty cold. I’m a side sleeper and there is plenty of room in this bag. Even with arms out I didn't have the room to move around that others mention, and when I tried to pull the hood over my head, I felt as if the bag just wasn't as tall as I am, and I knew I'd never use the hood in the real world. I'm 6ft, 150lbs and can easily roll around on my stomach/side and even sit with my legs crisscrossed in it. Also, the Riff has more down plumes than the Nocturne 30 making it a more efficient bag. Enwild 711 views. The Disco has 650-fill down, weighs 1 lb. This allows you to release heat from the bag without letting in a draft. I was introduced to Nemo products last year at the outdoor expo. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The NEMO Kayu 15 Sleeping Bag is an ultralight mummy bag designed for 3-season adventures. ​The hood measures approximately 17" W x 11" D. Riff 15 or 30 for temp. No doubt this is a great bag -- very light and very well-made -- just not for me. The bag features a ¾ length, 2-way zipper which can be used for venting if you become too hot. Thanks. When it dropped to 15 degrees, I had to wear long underwear bottoms, socks, puff jacket, hat and gloves to stay warm. But what happened a few weeks ago was. Both are rated to the same temp range - so why have the more expensive one? Could this bag be used in temperatures around 40-50F? and has extra room in the elbows and knees. A true workhorse – I bought this bag earlier this spring to use as a year round mountaineering/hunting sleep system. Compared to the Salsa and the Disco, the Nocturne uses a 750 fill-power down. Also in testing, it has been determined that women traditionally sleep about 10 degrees cooler than men. $259.95 - $319.95. I can find the zippers which adjust temperature control but I haven’t found the phone pocket. The NEMO Riff 15 is a men's specific bag while the NEMO Jam 15 is women's specific bag. I’ve always used them as a quilt, which is not the most efficient. I was cold in this bag below 25 degrees and had to add additional layers to stay warm below 25 degrees. So saw that the Riff 15 and Jam 15 could be zipped together on the Jam Q&A. ... Disco 15 Sleeping Bag - Men's. We will update the product listing on as soon as possible. Nemo Disco Insulated Down Sleeping Bag (15 & 30 Degree) - Men's & Women's 4.8 out of 5 stars 41 $259.95 $ 259 . Our best-selling Spoon™ bag collection has been updated with three different fits to provide the most comfortable and ideal range of solutions for every side sleeper on the trail. Was in the low 20s overnight and actually had to unzip this sleeping bag to vent out some heat, even with the vents. – I have had mummy bags and rectangular bags and had not yet achieved a good nights sleep in the outdoors until I found the Riff! The Riff does not last longer than the Disco because it uses 800 fill; fill power is a measure of the loft which is loosely related to the insulating value and typically compresses smaller than a lower fill power. When they say this is a 15 degree bag, it really is! NEMO Women's Aya 15 Degree Sleeping Bag - Duration: 3:06. Maybe I should have resigned myself to wearing my down jacket and sleeping with both arms outside the bag, but I wanted something I could burrow into on the coldest nights, and this just isn't it. NEMO Riff 15-Degree Sleeping Bag Features. ​Both the NEMO Riff 15 and Disco 15, have treated Nikwax hydrophobic water-resistant down that is RDS certified. Not sure, can you help? Are they both the same shape and size or one is bigger and more comfortable? I did all my research on the side sleeper and this bag delivers. Bought this for my father for Christmas and he loves it. Amazingly, lows were in the 60s! I've owned this for around a year now and have used it ~20-30 times. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. The NEMO Riff 15 is a side style spoon-shaped sleeping bag built for keeping you toasty in the winter months, rated down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. With its 19 ounces of high loft, 800 fill power down insulation, the Aya is a warm sleeping bag and will keep you cozy on cool summer nights in the alpine. Although this bag would be great for colder weather would it be a good bag to use in 40° or above or would it be much too hot. Have tested on nights below 15 and not a single issue. You can read more on how to choose a sleeping bag liner here: What's the difference between the Riff and the Disco? I did all my research on the side sleeper and this bag delivers. And with the NEMO Disco 15, they took a tried-and-true concept — like the mummy sleeping bag — and turned it on its head. There is no meaning of having a sleeping bag and still freezing like while sleeping.

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