They are poor egg-producing chickens as they will lay one egg per week, and the size of the egg is medium and whit in color. They are also poor meat birds, … Many people choose the Sumatra chicken for showing. O… It may be surprising to realize that, despite how large it looks with its grand feathering, the Sumatra cockerel is a mere 5 pounds . This makes them overreact to small noises and causes them to jump into the air when they feel like they need to get away. They were often only used when other chickens were not available. … WA - Sumatra Bantams Breeder of both bantam and LF Sumatras in all recognized varieties of the APA/ABA For more info please contact us via email … These birds are quite aggressive, and if you have small children, then this species is not a great choice to keep in your flock. Black Sumatra Bantam rooster. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Some might come out being a much brighter white, but others look almost completely brown. Speckled Sussex, which is beautiful and nice, protective as well. However, with these chickens and roosters living well together, even having the males and females together will not cause any of them to fly the coop. With its fancy feathers and regal stance, the Sumatra chicken looks like few other birds. Both male and female have glossy black plumage, that glistens brilliantly in the sun. This was when people started breeding Sumatra chickens to increase the length of the tail feathers. Black Sumatras give you an idea of what chickens might have been like before hundreds of years of domestication. SKU: 134853699. In 1883, the Black Sumatra was accepted into the American Standard of Perfection. The temperament of black Sumatra roosters is jumpy and a bit flighty. Craigslist has listings for chickens for sale in the Florence / Muscle Shoals area. Fabian, a Sumatra cock at twenty months in his December plumage. These chickens were introduced to the U.S. in 1847. Today Sumatras are mostly kept for show and exhibition. This breed isn’t really a black chicken breed (it’s a hybrid) but they’re still … This is a larger range of colors, so each egg that the hen’s lay can be quite different., Java Chicken: A Heritage American Dual-Purpose Bird, About Yokohama Chickens: Lawn Ornaments for the Adventurous Farmer, Croad Langshan Chicken: A Dual-Purpose, Asiatic Breed, Old English Game Bantam Chicken: Small and Showy Lawn “Ornaments”, Olive Egger Chickens: Enchanting Green Egg Laying Chicken Breeds, Penedesenca Chicken: Spanish, Dark Brown Egg Layers, About Sicilian Buttercup Chickens: Beautiful Birds Sporting a Crown, About Barnevelder Chickens: Stunningly Laced Dutch Chickens, Dorking Chicken: Excellent Winter Egg Layers and Meat Producers, About Rosecomb Bantam Chickens: Tiny Seniors of the Chicken World, Lakenvelder Chicken: Heritage German White Egg Layers. With the average chicken weighing between five to 10 pounds each, this makes them one of the small to mid-range size breeds. Bantam black Sumatra chicks available, from show quality stock. The males have an unusual feature of multiple spurs. Typically, a heat lamp is used. Despite its bearing reminiscent of the fighters, is a bird with a very docile behavior. Wednesday 24th February 2016 This provides the chicks with the warmth they need as well as keeps their area slightly illuminated. Sumatras are also described as excellent flyers, so … Sumatra chickens have a small bright red colored pea comb. Just make sure that you give the females time to brood, help keep the peace between the other breeds, and you will have a peaceful and flourishing coop. These chickens were originally imported from Sumatra in 1847 to the U.S. and Europe as fighting cocks for the purpose of cockfighting , but today the breed is primarily kept for exhibition. Again, only get this chicken breed if you are willing to keep up with them and their flighty ways. Black Sumatra cockerel. The Sumatra chicken has glossy black plumage that covers their entire body. Like other female chickens, black Sumatra hens lay eggs but they are not big egg producers. Still, with the tails being so long and decorative, Sumatra chickens look bigger than they are. Nevertheless, if you can handle having them in your coop, then you could have fresh eggs all year round. If another animal is attempting to attack it, it could scare it off by making its body look even larger. This could be a great option for you to have, especially if you are considering ornamental fowl. An old and established breed from the island of Sumatra in western Indonesia, the Black Sumatra has been a popular long-tailed exhibition breed since admitted to the Standard of Perfection in 1883. Originating on the Island of Sumatra, this is a popular choice when it comes to rare breed chickens in America. Black Sumatra The Sumatra is a breed of chicken native of the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Some of the first Sumatra chickens were imported to the United States around the 1800’s. Sumatra chickens have a personality more like a wild game bird than a chicken. Sumatra chickens are mainly kept for exhibition, though they lay a decent amount of eggs, considering how “primitive” they are. The female black Sumatra chickens were not typically used for fighting purposes like the roosters were. Map Icon Key: … The breed additionally comes in blue and white varieties. My 2 pet Sumatra chickens, #5 and #6. these chickens are well-known on Canadian poultry forums usually seen inside my coat as they love to snuggle there. Though the all-black was the most common color, the red-breasted chickens were seen often, too. favorite this post Dec 19 ... Chicks Pullets Chickens Hens Golden Comet and Black Stars $0 (nsh > clarksville TN I24 Exit # 11) pic hide this posting restore restore this … The males and females of chicken species can have a similar or differing temperament. Save Up To See price at checkout Click here for more details. Black Sumatra hens. The American Poultry Association recognizes three varieties: Blue, White, and Black. He hatched from one of the eggs I bought from Shamoman's Fowl Farm. This means, the Sumatra chicken doesn’t just have wings for show. Some weigh eight to 10 pounds on average, but you will find others that are only one or two pounds. Their unique carriage, with … Choose Options. The Sumatra is a lustrous greenish-black bird with a graceful long tail, small comb, black shanks with yellow soles, multiple spurs, and — like the Silkies — the Sumatra has black skin. About Turken Naked Neck Chickens: Is it a Turkey or a Chicken? The Sumatra has a personality closer to that of a wild game bird than a domestic chicken. They can also be found with light tinting of tans or browns. They're kept for ornamental purposes, because they don't lay very well and aren't hefty enough to be a good meat bird. Or, if you want to have more chickens for laying eggs in the future as your current hens age, you can have them fertilized by the roosters. Chicken Breed Information - Sumatra - Sumatras are an exceedingly rare breed of chicken with a personality closer to that of a wild game bird than a domestic chicken: they are thought to be closely related to the jungle fowl of the Far East. Description. The map below shows breeders and hatcheries that sell Black Sumatra chickens. They have been known variously as "Sumatran Pheasants" or "Java Pheasant Game Birds," even though they are most definitely chickens! Rural Living Gardening | Hydroponics | Generators, Backyard Chickens | Barbecue Grills | Greenhouses | Prepping | Livestock. They average 100 eggs per year. The Sumatra is a breed of chicken native of the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. She will ensure that the egg is kept at the perfect temperature and has the right amount of humidity, as well. So, what color eggs do Sumatra chickens lay? These chickens made their debut into the United States in April of 1847, introduced by J.A.C. This specific variety features blue tinted feathers as well as the long flowing tail and multiple spurs on the legs that these chickens are known for. Black Sumatra chicken hatcheries and breeders. This brooding tends to make them isolate themselves more than usual and not be as compliant with commands. You will find both black Sumatra hens and black Sumatra roosters with iridescent tones along the feather’s ends. They are not usually used in coops for a reason, and with their tendency to be jumpy and fly away, this is a big consideration before deciding to keep them. This is because they had a different job, which is laying eggs. The black Sumatra chickens break the look of a typical chicken. In addition, homesteaders rarely raise them for meat as they have small carcasses. Because they aren’t as domesticated as other backyard chickens,  oftentimes, people do not raise them with other breeds. The breed was first used and promoted as a fighting cock. When they were found in the wild, they could be seen with a few other colors on them, as well. One of the main differences between the males and females of this breed is the hen’s tendency to brood. It originally was inported from Sumatra for cockfighting, but is now exclusively an ornamental fowl. Now, the Sumatra chicken that you will see has the elongated tail feathers, purple features across the face, and the green and purple shimmering on the feathers. The Sumatra chicken isn’t particularly friendly so if you are looking for a chicken as more of a pet and for eggs, don’t choose this breed. This is because homesteaders don’t often choose them unless it’s to breed them or show them. These fights brought money to the locals who put them on and were very popular at the time. Hatching March to September. They have several spurs on each leg. ... Hen Weight: 5- lb Eggs: White or … This rare, beautiful and exotic, ornamental long tailed chicken makes a perfect show bird although it was first used as a fighting chicken. The Sumatra chicken was recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA) and the black variety was admitted as a standard breed in 1883. Black Sumatra hens tend to be jumpy and extremely alert. These birds mature very small, with a gorgeous beetle green sheen and have lovely personalities. Therefore, it is best to keep their spaces separate so that you can tell them apart easily. Description: Sumatras are a rare and gorgeous breed thought to be closely related to the jungle fowl of the Far East. Black Sumatra chicks. They have a pea comb and red wattles. Opposite from their female counterparts, the roosters tend not to be as broody. The Sumatra has a personality of a wild game chicken. Product Rating is 4. They are also very small in size compared to the eggs of other chickens. It is the Black Sumatra that was embraced by the poultry fancy; with its long, flowing, low tail, beetle green sheen, gypsy-colored face (purple to black), black shanks with yellow soles, and its multiple spurs – often having three spurs on each leg. Although the temperaments of these chickens would seem to be good for fighting, they were not the top choice. Can be found in Standard size and Bantam size. This is because, in the wild, the feathers were not naturally that long. Production: Black Sumatras are strictly ornamental, but will lay around 100 eggs per year. This makes them great egg producers when you want to have a coop. Ancona chicken. As you would with raising any backyard chickens, you will want to enclose the run and any outdoor space completely. Here we explain the magnificent Sumatra chicken to see what they are like and what these birds can do. Description At Cackle Hatchery® we offer the gorgeous Sumatra chicken. Many consider them to be jungle fowl. Rhode Island red, great layer and meat, they get up to 8 pounds. Their beautiful feathers remain one of the top things that people like about the breed and are a staple of their breed today. Black Sumatra Chickens – A Regal and Beautifully Feathered Long Tail Exhibition Breed. You can see more photos of Fosdick and of a Cubalaya hen hatched from a Shamoman egg here. Black Sumatra roosters are also good at shooting off into the air, so they can escape from anything dangerous. With their flighty temperaments making them jumpy, Sumatra chickens are alert and shaky creatures. They can fly, and they do so quite well. 535415 [ ] Clearance Clearance* *Select items Sale Sale* *Select items Compare { } Hoover's Hatchery Cornish Cross Broilers 80 Count Baby Chicks. This can make it difficult to tell which chicken laid the egg if you have a few different breeds. All in all, you have all the information you need to know about the black and beautiful chicken. This just depends on the breed. It has a personality closer to that of a wild game bird than a domestic chicken. Black Sumatra Hens. Yet, these chickens are stunning. In the wild, Sumatra chickens were found in a few color varieties, including black breasted red, though black was predominant. They are the native of Sumatra in Indonesia. Browse photos and search by condition, price, and more. Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox. They have small earlobes of gypsy color. They are just below the mid-range of five pounds. Sumatra chickens are primarily an ornamental breed kept for their attractive plumage. But it does not really suit this breed as the roosters tend to only show aggression around breeding time. Their skin color is yellow. Purpose: Dual-purpose. $0. Cockfightingwas one of the original purposes for breeding and importing Sumatra chickens to other locations. If you choose to raise them, they will do best in an open area where they can forage as they wish. This breed of chickens does have wings and can fly like many other birds. In 1883, the Black Sumatra was first inducted into the American Standard of Perfection, the official breed standard for the poultry fancy in North America. Whether you are thinking about raising chickens for eggs, for show,  or adding to your brood, here’s what to know about the Sumatra chicken. Unlike chicks raised by a hen, these hand-raised chicks need a constant source of warmth. Though we have already mentioned that they are black with a green iridescent shine on the feathers, that was not always the case. Many people do not know about Sumatra chickens. They will then sit and settle in so that she can hatch her eggs. There was very little human interference when it came to the making of this breed, and they are a rather wild bird. This makes them easy to lose but hard to catch, which is one reason why they are not often seen as a backyard breed. Sumatra chickens were originally found on the isle of Sumatra. The sickles, coverts, and tail feathers are long and flowing and will drag the ground but give the breed a beautiful distinction. Butters, from Massachusetts. 3.7 (59) was save … 1883 is the year the BBC Sumatra was first inducted into the American Standard of Perfection. Fosdick, a Cubalaya cockerel at seven months, just watching the hens walk by. Tips raising roosters. This is likely because the roosters do not have to do any of the egg-producing. Their hormones will let them know that something is changing and that they need to rest. The Sumatra chicken is an ornamental breed. We participate in Affiliate programmes, some of the links mentioned above are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. Though this might seem like a personality trait, there is a real reason why this happens. Cackle Hatchery® offers multiple varieties of the Sumatra chicken, including the Black Sumatra. Three best dual-purpose chickens include: Black Australorp, its friendly, a great egg layer, and a great mother. It’s important to know, this breed does not like confinement. Their eggs are small. Known for their intense beauty and long feathery tails, they offer a fancier look compared to the typical brown chicken. Ancona is a black chicken breed that began through Italy’s Marche region and was … Still, because their temperament is somewhat similar to the males, they are a bit hard to handle. Like other female chickens, black Sumatra hens lay eggs but they are not big egg producers. Their legs and toes are black and their skin color is yellow. They are often popular with kids who raise them for FFA or 4-H. Before choosing them for your backyard hobby farm or homestead, it’s important to know they aren’t as friendly as other breeds. For now, feel free to continue reading. This helps keep them protected and makes the wings and tail feathers more than just a pretty feature but also a useful one. This chicken is a jungle fowl type bird that originated on the Isle of Sumatra. In 1847, Sumatra Chickens were exported from Sumatra to the United States and Europe for cockfighting. Cream Legbar Chickens: Quirky, Crested, Blue Egg Layers, About Sussex Chickens: Inquisitive and Hardy Birds, About Brahma Chickens: Giant Chickens With Feathered Boots, Dominique Chicken: America’s Oldest Breed, About White Faced Black Spanish Chickens: The Farm Clowns, About Polish Chickens: The Royalty of the Poultry World, About Jersey Giant Chickens: One of the Best Dual Purpose Birds Around, About Phoenix Chickens: The Long Tailed Exhibition Bird. Watch our featured video: Black Sumatra Chickens plus see our best buys on chicken coop accesories. Disclosure. This breed is said to be what the original chicken looked and acted like before domestication. 4.5 (367) was save . ... Black Sumatra Chickens $30 (jxt > McKenzie) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting.

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